Couples Fitness Working out Together is Better

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Couples Fitness Working out Together is Better

Couples Fitness Working out Together is Better

So as we all know if more than one person gathers together its more of a support system, “right”?

Many of us need that little kick from someone else beside us in order for us to follow through with today or the now.

Couples who workout together, stay “together”.

Having a partner at the gym can be very helpful and healing at the same time. I do believe that we all need that “someone”, at times when we don’t want to do TODAY.

We all have been here before and you and me both can say those days are the worse, so if a buddy helps than do IT. Also having a buddy keep you both accountable to the goals in place and the routine.

Shopping and meal planning for both of you then becomes easier as well. You both can use this time which would be a rest day hopefully, to meal plan and go over any or all routines and fix or add new ideas in order to get the GOAL, which is fit body and strong mind.

FACT: Accountability is the glue that ties all commitments to your results. So holding yourself accountable is a positive way to look at staying on track.

Pen & Paper

In the box below try writing down a few people that could possibly be your future accountability partner. Go through reason why they would make a good choice.

“Don’t waste anymore time, time is goals.”

My Story

“Be responsible for yourself mind and body.”

I have always wanted a person or a partner at the gym to hold me in my place of interest, and in my case in was the gym. I was always finding excuses not to look at the stay in shape mindset. Also finding ways out of that, which you all know as well for an example if I just ate less than I …. “Well we all know where that has got us right.” Anyways it’s hard yes, but at the end of every workout or clean meal your body will thank you and you will feel great. So back to the story I finally got a partner in the end, drum rolllll my favorite person of all my husband. He keeps me in place when I feel those not so good feelings. Today, I can finally say having that person hold you accountable is what the people say it is, which is that it does work.

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