Hitting the Plateau

Hitting the Plateau

When the music just isn’t doing it Anymore.

Hitting a Plateau, So we have hit a wall as you would say right? Or you start saying I am not feeling it right now or you say to self look see there’s nothing changing on my body. Just to let you know these are all excuses made from your bad brain. So I believe these are the best times to take any kind of Supplements, Vitamins, and or Natural Therapies. It will give you that extra boost to get up and snap back into routine. Always remember to consult your doctor when it comes to supplements.

Take a step back its normal we need to just push forward and break through. Try and find a solution to the problem like Natural Therapy, this would be my go to fix if that’s not enough then supplements. Then move forward. Keep moving forward always. When you fall get back up and do it better than the last time.

FACT: When feeling like you hit a wall in your journey try Adjusting Focus and Switching around your routine to fit your goals. Sometime just tricking your bodies with the daily routine helps break a plateau.

Hit a plateau

Hit a plateau

Pen & Paper

Take a moment to write down things that got in your way of your goals this week. These will be called your triggers. So next time when you feel a trigger coming on or negativity you know what to you need to do either be positive and find solutions or be negative and stop altogether. Which would be very silly of you. Just being aware of your triggers can influence your plateau.

Start today and you will see results one day Sooner.

My Story

So in this story I think I had 3 plateau in one if that is even possible. The same wall that is in my way all the time it felt like it was just beating me up. When these times came around it was as if another part of my life was falling. So when I said earlier 3 in 1 plateau this what I kinda mean right. Be ready to Overcome these challenges, that’s what they are only. Taking one issue at a time and making it work by the end. That is what I call a follow through in most cases. Anyways, all I know is keep moving forward always and one day at a time. Keep your mindset focused on your goals. Oh yea right the “Goals”. One day, One Meal at a time. Don’t get upset at yourself, just as long as you grew after the storms. Now ready to go tougher and go healthier this time and fix the past issues which got you here. Always learn from your past failures that’s the best about being mindful.


Write out 3 things that keep you motivated
See motivation below.

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