Proudly Canadian, Fit4Less provides an active, healthy lifestyle in a no judgement, friendly gym facility. Let’s get fit, Canada.
In true north style, Fit4Less offers friendly, no-judgement gyms for an exceptionally low price! This gym location features high quality cardio and strength machines, fitness classes and great Black Card Benefits like free tanning and relaxing massage chairs*. Whether you want to get fit, meet friends or take a load off, we have something for everyone. Let’s get fit, Canada!

Massage Chairs
Hydro Massage Beds
Cooler Drinks
Virtual Classes
30 Minute Express Circuit

24 hrs.

24 hrs.

24 hrs.

24 hrs.

24 hrs.

24 hrs.

24 hrs.

★ 4 months ago

The gym is good if you are a beginner or immediate lifter. You really can’t beat the price. If you train at a competitive level in any sport, regardless of your age, then this gym is not for you. There is no water refill station or even a water fountain, which makes absolutely no sense at all.

If you have an issues with the details of your membership, then you really have zero recourse to do anything about it. Staff at the desk aren’t equipped with the knowledge or training to handle any kind of complaints what-so-ever. If you have any issues, they won’t be resolved.

When my wife and I joined, a couple weeks after it opened in Milton, we were told we could share a Black card membership – for everything – tanning, massage bed, and other club locations, so we signed up, in her name. Two months after, we got my wife a regular card membership while I tanned, not knowing that ONLY the ‘prime’ black card member could use tanning. A few months later I was denied because it was in my wife’s name. (This is explained in the fine print on the website). That’s not what the desk person told us when we signed up.

So now we had two memberships in my wife’s name – a black card and regular membership – and I could not use the black membership to tan, and my wife doesn’t tan at all. When I explained this to the desk person, I was told just to upgrade my wife’s regular membership to a black membership.

I asked how this would help me to get into the tanning booth????? (I might as well have been talking to the wall).

After both our memberships expired, I renewed my membership to a Black membership in my name, and have had to fill out forms twice because they have lost them. They were going to renew my membership in my wife’s name again, when I noticed it on the computer screen. I looked at them in disbelief and asked what they were doing, and they corrected the mistake!

Do your homework … tour the facility. Take the time to read the details of your membership. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive … ask them to have a look around. No water station = 1 star review.

★★★ 2 months ago

Pretty good and affordable gym. They have a nice mix of machines and free weights, as well as spinning bikes, a tanning room and massage chairs.

My only actual complaint is that there is no water fountain (that I could find) . You can buy water, but if you forget your water bottle and the staff are not working, you have little recourse other than the sink.

★★★★★ a week ago

Nice, clean gym that’s never too busy. Good value.

Fit4Less Gym Website
(905) 636-8218
55 Ontario Street South
Milton, ON – L9T 2M3
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