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Snap Fitness 24 hours
Snap Fitness 24 hours


Thank you for visiting Snap Fitness Milton. We are located at 1030 Kennedy Circle, opposite end of the 24 Hour Metro Grocery Store. It’s like having a gym in your own backyard – come when you want on your own schedule.

Our Members have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our commitment is to provide a convenient, clean, friendly, and affordable neighborhood fitness facility. Ask your neighbors about Snap Fitness – they may already be a member!

Welcome all members, with our special Fitness Score Session, TRX and Phenomenal Abs classes. To get you in the best shape ever, our Personal Training sessions will give you results you’ve always wanted, starting at $50 per hour.

We would like to congratulate you on making a commitment to your health, to help with your goals, please take some time to familiarize yourself with our services that come FREE with your membership:

Our mission is to change lives with our result-driven culture both inside and outside our gym walls. Our goal is to encourage, motivate and drive our members to success. We are here to show support and ensure every member reaches his or her potential.

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★★ 3 months ago

I was a member of a fantastic Snap Fitness gym in Ottawa before moving to the GTA a little over 3 years ago. I transferred my membership to the Milton location, which seemed decent enough at the time. In the years since, it’s been progressively getting worse and worse. At least half of the treadmills are broken and remain unfixed. The incline setting on almost all of the ellipticals no longer works, so you can’t do any of the programs that require it. They also badly need to be oiled. There are never any towels to wipe down machines. The bathrooms often don’t have toilet paper. The mechanism you push to unlock the door to exit was starting to stick about a year ago. It got so bad that you had to hammer your hand along the edge of the metal to get it to unjam. The gym decided to put up a sign telling you how to slam your hand into the door to make it unlock. When the sticking got so bad (this is after weeks, if not months, of door slamming), they put up a sign saying to use the emergency exit if you couldn’t exit through the front door. That’s right — after my workout at 2am, I had to exit via the back of a strip mall to get to my car. Good thing we’re in relatively safe Milton, but come on! They did eventually replace the door handle. I only stayed a member because it was a convenient location and it worked well with my shift work. I also use other, better Snap gyms when I visit family so I didn’t want to lose the membership, but the Milton location is *so* bad that I rarely work out here anymore. In the words of Chandler Bing, “I want to quit the gym!”.

★ 6 months ago

When I first joined this gym the month it opened, I thought it was a great concept and well run. After the initial owners divorced and sold it off it has become an embarrassment. Dirty, poorly run, no towels on weekends, no staff to enforce rules and a general malaise when it comes to caring at all about the feedback it receives from the customers. I used to recommend Snap to anyone and everyone. Too bad franchisees are allowed to destroy the Snap name to this degree.

★ a year ago

Terrible customer service. I went in here when I was 16 only to be turned down and ridiculed for even trying to join the gym. I tried recently to come by during staff hours only to have no one at the door, tried calling them a couple times to get voicemail. I can’t believe I even tried coming here again, snapfitness needs to deal with this location as it is giving them a terrible reputation. Save yourself the trouble with this tiny gym and go for goodlife or LA fitness.

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(905) 875-2545
1030 Kennedy Cir
Milton, ON L9T 0J9
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